12-Month Beginner Herbal Program

Empower Your families health naturally with "Roots and Remedies: Herbalism for Every Home"

Discover the Secrets of Ayurveda to embrace and take charge of your own health for the desired life you want to live.

Empower Your Health Naturally with "Roots and Remedies: Herbalism for Every Home"

We invite you to join us as we Embrace the essence of 'Sage,' symbolizing not just wisdom and experience but also a life lived in harmony with nature, reflecting balance, insight, and a deep understanding of the art of well-being.


What You'll Discover

Transform Your Health with Nature:

Empower Your Wellness Journey:

Seasonal Wellness Made Simple:

Hands-On Herbal Education:

Family-Focused Health Solutions:

Connect with Nature:

Exclusive Ayurvedic Insights:

Community and Support:

Holistic Health Approach:

Practical and Accessible Learning:

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your health and wellness of you and your family through Ayurveda. Join our course now and embark on your holistic wellness journey.

Meet your instructors

Leslie Lovlin

Leslie Lovlin, CAS, CH, a devoted Ayurveda practitioner, educator, and herbologist based in Northern Alberta, Canada. Her clinic not only offers personalized Ayurvedic consultations but also provides rejuvenating Ayurveda spa treatments. She has her own line of organic face, body and wellness procucts that she loves to create and share with clitnts. With a deep connection to nature, Leslie's mission extends to her Ayurveda school, nurturing a community passionate about holistic well-being through ancient wisdom and herbal practices.

You will learn:

Month 1: Fall Rejevenation Cleanse
  • What is Ayurveda?
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A

Month 2: Body/ Mind Types
  • Prakriti (Constitution)
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A

Month 3: Imbalances
  • Vikriti (Imbalance)
  • Habit of the Week
  • Q & A
Month 4: Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Discover the 6 tastes that keep your specific mind/body type running smoothly
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Seasonal eating and cooking methods
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A
Month 5: Movement
  • Find out the most type of movement for your body type / fitness level / energy level
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A
Month 6: Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  • Let's find the daily rhythm that is personaized to you.
  • Weekly habit.
  • Q & A
Month 7: Ayurvedic Therapies and Bodywork
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage) What is the best oil to use for my constitution
Month 8: Ayurvedic Psychology and Mind-Body Connection
  • Concept of mind and emoin Ayurveda
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A

Month 9: Cleanse Phase 1
  • Preparation and elimination of certain foods Lifestyle Patterns
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A
Month 10: Cleanse Phase 2
  • Active Cleanse though diet & Lifestyle
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A
Month 11: Cleanse Phase 3
  • Reintroduction to foods eliminated
  • Habit of the week
  • Q & A
Month 12: Closing of the session
  • Rejuvenation
  • Bringing it all together
  • What's next ?
  • Q & A


Weekly Calls - Sept/24 - Aug/25

Tuesdays 8:30 - 10:00 am MST


Pay in full

$5000 CAD + GST

12 Installments

$425 CAD + GST monthly


How do I access the course materials?

Through SAA's private online platform

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, we ask you to be fully committed once you sign up.

Can I enroll if I'm new to Ayurveda?

Yes, this learning welcomes all levels.

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